Exposed Waifu: Hazel

Hazel is a waifu from the top Android game on Nutaku - Project QT. Think Bejeweled with more fighting, and even more boobies.  Unlocking the girl's next form is actually exciting! Probably because it has some of the best artwork on the site, and every evolution of every girl is animated beautifully.  There are always events going on to unlock more hentai artwork, or girls.

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Birthday: May 5th (Taurus)
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Measurements: 33D-23-35

Likes: Disciplining students, her two-handed axe, and her ass.

Being a member of the Sports club she is naturally tanky, and even more so once she activates her ability which heavily  reduces the damage taken from Lightning element enemies.  She's unique in that she can only be obtained from the Coins Summon, meaning she's fairly easy to obtain and build up.  While she does lose out to Year III students and their sluttier Awakening forms, her ability to shutdown Lightning enemies comes in handy during various event bosses.


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